Rega Center at Zurich Airport

Everyone sees them, everyone hears them and everyone looks on with fascination when the red and white helicopter with the 1414 number on its belly flies to the next mission. It helps people in need, whether they are rescued in rough terrain or on ski slopes. They bring medical care to emergencies, especially when life or death is at stake. And that around the clock.

Rega – the Swiss Air-Rescue Service has its base at Zurich Airport. Other operating bases are spread throughout Switzerland. The network is designed in such a way that, in the event of an emergency, the Rega crew can be on the scene within 15 minutes by air.

Visit the Rega Center at Zurich Airport

In addition to the helicopters on 12 base stations, there are three ambulance jets stationed in Zurich. From here they take off on missions all over the world. But where are the emergency calls received and coordinated? This takes place in the “heart” of Rega, the headquarters at Zurich Airport.

Take a look behind the scenes at Rega headquarters at Zurich Airport. A guided tour lasts around two hours. In a presentation and in the film, you will learn all the important facts about Switzerland’s air rescue service. You will visit the hangar, the helicopters during maintenance and, if possible, an ambulance jet. Another highlight is the visit to the Operations Centre. This is where the emergency calls come in and are forwarded to the individual bases.

Are you planning a visit to the Rega base at Zurich Airport with your staff, business partners or management team? We would be pleased to organise an interesting day at Zurich Airport as a supporting programme or to complete your event. After the tour, you can stop for refreshments at the Runway 34 restaurant and enjoy the airport flair from a distance.

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